Andrzej Jackowski

Leila Jeffreys

Andrzej Jackowski 'Time of the Dream'
21 November 2014 - 22 January 2015

The exhibition ‘Time of the Dream’ will present new paintings and hand coloured prints by Andrzej Jackowski; striking in their simplicity, his works engage with both personal memory and the wider historical domain. His works often carry themes of dispossession and melancholy drawn from a childhood spent in a refugee camp.

Leila Jeffreys 'Wild Cockatoos'
21 November 2014 - 10 January 2015

Purdy Hicks Gallery is delighted to announce Leila Jeffreys' first solo exhibition in London. Leila Jeffreys (born 1972, Papua New Guinea) has for many years photographed native Australian birds including Cockatoos, Budgerigars and Finches. She works alongside scientists researching endangered species; her profound ornithological knowledge and extensive travel are intrinsic to her work. Jeffreys' search for a conscientious way to photograph birds has given her projects from early on an inherent rigour.
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