Anni Leppälä

15 - 31 May 2021

'I started to photograph due to a brief photography course which I attended during high school. Then I gradually begun to learn and look at images in a more concentrated and dense way. At first I was drawn to the melancholy and proof-like characteristic of photographs, and their relation to momentariness. More recently I have been interested in the transformations of materiality through photographs, and how images can change their subjects in that process. I am also intrigued by the “invisible” aspect within photographs – what can be recognised and found through the visible surface.


I  work quite intuitively, and I am collecting hints and fragments for my images all the time'

  • Anni Leppälä's work explores the relationship between the past and present. It is a visual expanse that covers a multitude of landscapes, surfaces and enclosed spaces. Like stylized postcards or snapshots, her works take on an aura of frozen time, recording both fleeting moments and the small glimpses of larger tales from which they are taken. She draws from memories, loss, longing and early adolescence, seeking an experience of connection and closeness but also the act of recognizing something vaguely familiar. Things are often veiled, hidden or turning away, but are in their own sphere of intense, remote closeness. Photographs transform their subjects and evoke a feeling of sudden recognition that is not visible on the surface. Leppälä is trying to trace those translucent paths into the unseen and invisible - to seek an inner experience which only the images can convey. 


    Anni Leppälä (born 1981, Helsinki, Finland) studied at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, and was chosen as Finland's Young Artist of the Year in 2010.