Summer 2022

The Hunt acts as a brief encyclopaedia of female hairstyles across various periods in time, within the framework of Western culture. The series reflects upon the pictorial qualities of hair: studying its materiality, its ability to draw connections between portraiture, identity and memory. The figures appear as ornate statues, each characterised by the aesthetic associations and revisited stereotypes of their hairstyle. Forming an unusual yet all too- recognisable collection of trophies, the series presents the formulas that continue to permeate feminine mythology. 


The book features an introductory short fiction story by American writer Kathryn Scanlan.


The publisher, Radius Books (Santa Fe, NM, USA), is structured as 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to ensure that each project is independently funded through outside donations, while also guaranteeing that a number of copies from every print run will be donated to underfunded libraries and arts organizations. 

20 June 2022