13 MARCH - 13 MAY 2020

In the form of photography Chan-Hyo Bae has continuously visualized the ‘alienation’ he had sensed as an Asian man living in the Western world. He expressed the uneasiness resulting from the alienation, and he has explored the cultural prejudice underlying in the society he is part of, through a variety of photographic projects.


Cha- Hyo Bae’s new project Occident’s Eye is an extension of the Witch Hunting series to expose the violence of dominating relationships and to express the relative perspectives on categorization. The focus was on violence towards the outsiders and the absolute faith that justifies such violence. The definition of religion, myth and superstition and their relationships are the subjects of his work and he materialized the protest against the absoluteness as visual works. While the project is a continuation of Existing in Costume, it is also a very new attempt in terms of formats. Like the Jumping into series, the new artworks are photographic images printed on animal skins and not paper, also expanding the format of his expressions by combining the photographic images with stones and trees, an attempt to ‘add significance’ to nature that coexist with humans. In this new series Bae expands the fixed, two-dimensional perspective of photography by harmonizing with multi-dimensional substances of nature. 


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14 March 2020