Bettina von Zwehl (born 1971, Munich, Germany) is an internationally recognised visual artist who works predominantly with photography and installation. While her practice has maintained an immediately recognisable formal signature, her themes have evolved over the course of her career. Following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, she focused on portraiture, with a distinctive use of the profile view and silhouette that continues to define and underpin her practice.


Through sculptural and site-specific installations she explored themes such as loss, grief and protest as well as destructiveness, reparation and what she describes as 'other entanglements with the creative process'.


She has completed several high-profile residences and commissions at museums, galleries and institutions including: Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 2011;  The Freud Museum, London, 2015 and The New York Historical Society Museum and Library, 2018. The powerful and intimate works she created during such residencies have acknowledged, and to an extent, reprised past traditions of portraiture whilst expanding the boundaries of the photographic and exploring the role photography has played within the structures of the museum.