Michael Porter (born 1948, Derbyshire, UK) has created a unique voice in painting the very English subject matter of landscape. His paintings describe the physical boldness of the landscape combined with the delicate flora and fauna found within it, using what is usually seen as the familiar and reinterpreting it with a creative freshness allowing the viewer to see the landscape from a new perspective.

The surfaces are multi-layered: natural elements are camouflaged and concealed and are only just visible, whilst others, painted with painstaking detail, are clearly discernible. The variety of surface texture and the delicate and subtle colours reflect those of the natural world. Although nature is the catalyst, Porter's paintings challenge our perception of how we interpret the world around us.


'He respects the native tradition of landscape painting whilst reinventing it by means of his innovatory techniques and personal vision....his prolific technical experiments have been harnessed to a radical form of realism resulting in works that are equivalent to natural phenomena and which take the viewer into metaphysical realms' (Clive Phillpot) 


Porter's work is represented in significant public collections including the Arts Council England; Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery; British Museum; National Gallery, Canberra; National Gallery, Cape Town; National Gallery, London; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Whitworth Gallery, University of Manchester and Yale Centre for British Art