Susan Derges: Floating

22 October - 20 November 2021

We are pleased to present two new series of work by Susan Derges: River Taw and Ocean Flowers. In both subject matter floats above the ground of the rock pool or river bed in shadows and coloured forms.  


River Taw 

Over twenty years ago Susan Derges began her series of river prints, capturing the continuous movement of water by submerging photographic paper into rivers. Working at night, she used the light of the moon and a micro-second of flashlight to expose images directly onto light sensitive paper.

The unstable and uncertain conditions left several prints scratched by stones or overhanging branches or the water failed to stabilise evenly. With new technology Derges has been able to revisit these previously unseen prints, restoring, reworking and transforming them, thereby allowing her to digitally produce in small editions original dye transfer prints on a human scale, which eloquently suggests our inclusion.


Ocean Flowers

In this new series the focus is on the detail of particular algae and what they express in their suspended states of floating and transient forms. The atmosphere is reflective, speaking of memory, history and what is happening now to the delicate balance of these microcosms within the intertidal zones.