Light Up My Sky : Sue Arrowsmith

11 November 2022 - 21 January 2023

Sue Arrowsmith writes of this new series,


I love the nature of real metals, the way the light ripples across their surface, each one seems to have its own unique character.


Some of the leaves oxidise, turning different colours, becoming darker and greasier. I like this as it adds different layers to my practice.  I have always enjoyed the nature of materials and what they can do themselves.


I often use long brushes that can paint a long line in one load. Flicks of

paint leave trails, drips and blobs that do their own thing.   Consequently

my painting has become more abstracted as I let the marks flow, feeling them as they dance across the surface.


I think it's positive to sometimes be a bit out of control, then you see where these incidentals can take you.  This is something I have begun to embrace as I get older.