David Quinn: New Paintings

9 February - 5 March 2018

David Quinn creates modest in scale paintings on paper mounted on wood. These works, although seemingly spontaneous, reveal meticulous detail. Each delivers a strong sense of intimacy while redefining the notebook-type study as an artwork in its own right. Working on several paintings at once, Quinn considers them as markers of time. They are abstract and yet, they represent time worked and time spent in contemplation

The artist explains: 'I always keep returning to the notebook scale as it allows me to try things out and it matters little if it doesn't work out. They are also something I can work on no matter where I am, and I like to travel light. I've also had to work at times in small studio spaces and wouldn't always have been able to make larger work. Most of my favourite works of art are small. Pieces by Kurt Schwitters, Paul Klee, Agnes Martin, Charles Brady and Forrest Bess come to mind. I also love old Russian icons and miniature Persian paintings. Simonides I think said "painting is silent poetry" and I see these small pieces of mine as visual haikus. They remind me of old paperback books, which I love.'