Chan-Hyo Bae: Punishment

27 February - 23 March 2013

 Chan-Hyo Bae’s new work explores the theme of Punishment. His previous series, Existing in Costume saw the artist pose in female historical western costumes. He plays on Western prejudice against Eastern men by creating elaborate scenes of himself as a noblewoman from the Elizabethan to Regency periods.


Chan-Hyo Bae writes about his latest series, ‘The desire for power in human nature can be shown as a strong prejudice against differences from other cultures.Through this work, I want to explore the process and deliberate on my existence. The main method of visualizing my `punishment project’ was to be a power holder. Using famous power-holders I show them meting out punishment as part of their authority. I contrast the emotions between five power holders from history and their rivals. It is a visualisation of my sense of isolation'.