Susan Derges: Alder Brook

9 November 2012 - 19 January 2013

A small brook on Dartmoor, Devon near the artist's studio is the focus for this new series of images.

Two different views of the brook's surface, from above and below, explore themes of reflection and immersion that echo experiences of place as a site of memory and loss, the flow of time and changing perceptions.
This flux of internal experience in contact with a changing external landscape is captured in over twenty photographs that are ravishingly beautiful yet unsettling.

The viewer is destabilised and disoriented by images of water, crossings, bridges and gates that could be familiar everyday encounters but are not quite what they seem. Reflections falling onto the water's surface, views from its underside, shadows thrown across the undulating ripples of the brook all give rise to an experience similar to that of the dream state and at the same time question the apparent solidity of our perceptions.


This exhibition is accompanied by a book made in collaboration with the poet Thomas A Clark.