Rebooting Nature

9 July - 2 September 2020

For years artists, along with scientists, have been showing us the world is changing. Some are brimming with ideas about how it should change while others just share the way they look at nature. The recent lockdowns around the world have put everything on hold except nature.  In one sense life stopped still and in another it accelerated.  This has triggered some instant response, but most of the artists in this exhibition are taking advantage of an altered sense of time. Life moves very quickly for most of us, but this is no reason why we cannot appreciate art that works on us at a gentler pace, makes us slow down and watch nature reboot.


Takashi Arai (b. 1978, Kawasaki, Japan)                   

 Sue Arrowsmith (b. 1968, Manchester, UK) 

Mireille Blanc (b. 1985, Moselle, France)

Costanza Chia (b. 1995, Rome, Italy) 

Jonathan Delafield Cook (b. 1965, London, UK) 
Susan Derges (b. 1955, London, UK)
Andrzej Jackowski (b. 1947, North Wales) 
Leila Jeffreys (b. 1972, Papua New Guinea)
Sandra Kantanen (b. 1974, Helsinki, Finland) 
Anni Leppälä (b. 1981, Helsinki, Finland) 
Michael Porter (b. 1948, Derbyshire, UK)
Jorma Puranen (b. 1951, Helsinki, Finland) 
Anna Reivilä  (b. 1988, Helsinki, Finland) 
Carlotta Roma (b. 1996, Rome, Italy) 
Santeri Tuori (b. 1970, Espoo, Finland)
Charlotte Verity (b. 1954, RAF Wegberg, Germany)


Illustrated: Susan Derges, River Taw, Streens, Gold Fir 1998-2020, Lambda C Print from Dye Destruction Print, Edition of 2, 177 x 71 cm / 69.7 x 27.9 in